REPOST: Female angels need to give women entrepreneurs wings

Fewer women invest in businesses than their male counterparts, and this is probably the main reason why many female-led, women-focused enterprises do not get enough funding that they otherwise deserve. Here’s an article from The Telegraph to discuss this issue in more detail:



Female-run businesses are failing to raise the money they need to succeed, says Kirsty Grant, the investment director of Seedrs, one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in the UK, and it is all because of a shortage of female angels.


“There’s a lack of women investors coming through,” Grant says. “If female-led businesses aren’t getting funding, we’re missing out on some potentially great businesses. Not just female-led ventures but, crucially, female-focused ones.”


One recent Seedrs campaign that fell short of its funding target was Evarae, a line of high-end swimwear, created by a former Topshop designer.


“It was a beautiful campaign but it couldn’t get across the line,” Grant says. “Research shows women aren’t investing money anywhere. They are holding funds in cash and sometimes property but very few are investing in stocks and shares.


“Yet when a female VC backs a female-led start-up it is 21pc more likely to succeed.”  Hayley Wells, a 24-year-old Coca Cola executive, bucks the trend. She invested in Evarae’s Seedrs campaign and was surprised when it did not make its target.


“I felt that men didn’t get the opportunity,” she says. “But because I back businesses that I like and understand, I saw the potential.”


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